Dala Dots

What are Dala Dots?

Dala Dots provide a simple, gentle and non-invasive way to experience the healing benefits of energy.


How Do Dala Dots Work?

Dala Dots are quantum infused holograms that stick to your skin with food-grade adhesives.

Dala Dots are placed on different parts of the body depending on the purpose. The placement locations are identified inside each package.

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Energy Dala Dot – 36 ct.

Promotes all-day energy and supports exercise performance - Simple - Gentle - Non Invasive

Pleasure Dala Dot – 36 ct.

Supports sexual and reproductive health - Simple - Gentle - Non Invasive

Relief Dala Dot – 36 ct.

Supports the body’s ability to relieve pain and recover

Sleep Dala Dot – 36 ct.

Helps promote deep sleep - Simple - Gentle - Non Invasive