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Original Medicine has, since its inception, stood for safe, high-quality whole food based nutritional supplements for the health care professional.

After extensive research by our team of scientists and practitioners, the entire Original Medicine product line has clear product names, effective formulations and full disclosure labeling. The new labels clearly differentiate foundational formulas to be used daily from specialized formulas to be used occasionally.

Original Medicine

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Fungal Forte

Fungal Forteā„¢ is an introductory gut health product.


Multiple Levels of Probiotic Support Multi-Probiotic from Original Medicine is a professionally formulated, high-potency probiotic supplement featuring a blend of 11 different strains to helps support a healthy immune system, optimal gastrointestinal health, and normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients. The human gastrointestinal system is home to billions of microorganisms of many different species, both good and bad. The key to good digestive - and overall - health is a healthy balance of these many different bacteria. Although replicating the body's natural diversity isn't possible, Multi-Probiotic provides you with 11 different strains for more comprehensive support than many probiotics that contain just one or two strains. Key Features Professionally formulated probiotic support Contains a high-potency blend of 11 different probiotic strains Supports a healthy balance of microflora in the gastrointestinal tract for good digestive and overall health Formulated to survive the harsh environments of the stomach and digestive system Contains 8 billion CFU's per capsule at the time of manufacture Made with vegetarian capsules